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Meditation & Yoga
(for everyone)


Did you know you can rewire your brain? 

Meditation is a technique in which you train your attention and awareness to achieve mental, physical and emotional balance.

I work with my clients in various ways to achieve the zen they desire in meditation. It all becomes with removing expectation and beginning exactly where you are.

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Yoga is where my journey began and yours can too.
I discovered yoga as I was going ending a marriage and anxious about how I would restart life again on my own.

Practicing yoga enabled me to realize the strength I needed to move forward was inside me.

As a yoga instructor I help individuals discover the power and strength they possess within themselves.

Emotional Wellness Coaching

“Our emotions are what guide us.”

It’s time we learn how to feel our emotions and integrate the lessons they teach us into our lives.

Our emotions are facilitated by out thoughts but sadly we are so conditioned to think a certain way we never focused on how we want to feel.

I want to do the opposite.

We are not mean to suffer.
We are not meant to struggle.
We are mean to live life with ease but instead of leaning in an unraveling the root cause of our emotions, behavior, or pain, we mask it and hope it all goes away.

But this is a temporary fix because there comes a point in time where we get sick of either dealing with the same things with no growth.


We stuff everything inside and it manifests as physical dis-ease in our bodies.

I’ve experienced the physical chaos that is produced when I ignored my emotions instead of leaning in to embrace my “blessed mess”

Energy Healing

“Restore and balance the energy flow of your body.”

We’ve all experienced those days when we just feel out of sorts.

Energy blocks in our internal energy wheels or “chakras" has the potential to derail you from living the life you truly desire.

Sometimes it takes more than just mindset work to truly become unstuck.

As an energy healer I help my clients clear energy blocks created by internal and external influences so they can be more, do more and live more.

I help clients clear the blocks and find their flow so they can flourish.

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I offer intuitive readings, reiki, and chakra balancing using crystals and essential oils.

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