5 Ways to Eliminate Noise.

5 Ways to Eliminate Noise.

In this digitally over connected society, the thought of misplacing our cell phone can feel like you've lost a core part of your soul.

The horror and disbelieve that the tiny computer that holds every phone number, text, and personal information we long to retain, can immediately increase your stress levels in under 1.5 seconds.

This same little device also has the ability to increase procrastination, decrease motivation and provide you images that you believed were only in your dreams.

The increased "noise" we encounter daily in life has increased exponentially with the creation of mobile phones and portable devices.

Just like Pavlov's dog we're trained to instantly swipe, tap, and type when the sweet sound of "ding" emits from our phone.

The convenience of information delivery is often promotes the constant need to check a mobile device and receive gratification from a new text or email message or the validation of existence from being tagged in a social media posts.

But this convenience comes costs and consequence. Our ability to access information on the fly gives us a false perception that we can do more, communicate more and be more. But in reality it leads to increased stress, procrastination, lack of productivity, anxiety, and overwhelm. So how do you get back to doing what matters?

Here are 5 Ways to Eliminate the Noise in Life.

  1. Ground Yourself. - To me, this simply means changing your state until you reach the state you desire; which for me is calmness, sanity, and stability. It's simply a change in behavioral, emotional, and mental state. You can do this by practicing mediation, deep belly breathing, exercising, inhaling an essential oil, writing, and more.

    Some other ways to get grounded quickly is to do a mental inventory of your body and simply notice how you are feeling. Do you feel heaviness in one area? See if you can release it with each exhale of your breath. Sitting too long? Set notifications on your phone, computer, or smart watch for every hour so you remember to get up and take a walk.

  2. Use a Schedule. - One of the easiest ways to reduce stress, increase productivity, and feel like you're actually achieving something is to write it down and schedule it. A schedule helps your focus and prioritize on what's important. Want to keep a healthy body? Schedule your exercise plan into your day. Need to get your car fixed? Schedule it. Once you focus on what you have scheduled to do, then all the other noise goes away; there is no room for it.

    Little changes lead to big ones. Nothing big happens overnight. The goal is progress not perfection. Do something small everyday and you'll be amazed how quickly you'll find momentum.

  3. Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe. Repeat. - Deep belly breathing has a host of health benefits some that include stress reduction, change in emotional state and weight loss, yes weight loss. When you inhale deep into your abdomen you are actually lowering your fight or flight response and the stress hormone cortisol which directly influences weight gain. I think these are some good reason's to give it a try.

    Breathing is amazing for the mind, body, and soul. It aids in changing brain patterns, slowing down the central nervous system, and brings you closer to finding the inner peace most of us desire.

  4. Set Boundaries & Stick to Them. - In my experience, this is particularly difficult for women to do. There are so many emotions involved in creating this change, often times most individuals would rather ignore this trick rather than "Just Doing It." Here's my best advise I can give in this post as to how to become successful in implementing this change. Do it slowly, allow yourself to experience the emotions, keep practicing, and never stop. Setting boundaries, in my opinions, is the most important thing you can do to eliminate noise on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

    It helps develop mental toughness, which I discussed in an earlier post you can read here. I'll revisit this topic again in future blog posts.

  5. Ditch the Blue Screen. - So what is the blue screen? The screen for your digital devices. For most of us, this is the biggest noise we deal with throughout our day. Whether we constantly check our phone, work on a computer all day, or watch TV on an iPad, we love our digital mobile devices.

    To eliminate the noise from our favorite screens requires us to retrain the brain. If you were one of the luck ones to recall what life was like before the deployment of this digital technology, you need to return to that time. The blue screen disrupts sleep, increases stress, causes anxiety and more.

    Here are some ideas you can use to help with this.

    Shut off the phone or computer when you settle into bed. Grab a book, write in a journal, or meditate before going to sleep.

    Get freedom. Believe it or not there are apps you can buy that will shut off your Internet connection while working. Allows you to focus without the distraction of social media or getting lost jumping websites.

So I want to know, what do you do to eliminate noise?

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