“As I reflect back over the past couple of years, I am not 100% sure that I would have successfully navigated the turbulent waters without the constant guidance, support, and coaching that Jackie offered. As I battled personal life changes, Jackie pushed me to dig deep within myself and ask where the root of each feeling and action was coming from.

By helping me to look internally, Jackie was able to guide me through each step of my changing landscape. Whether it is a change of position or role in my professional life, or a change in my personal life, Jackie asked the right questions in order for me to find my own answers.

As I continue to move through my ever-changing world, I can rely on Jackie to view the issues from an outside perspective and give me unbiased guidance to maneuver through the situation. Jackie has not only educated herself in the area of coaching but has years of life experience to go with education.”

Sharon P., Massachusetts