How to Strengthen Connection with Yourself.

How to Strengthen Connection with Yourself.

When we flounder we are seeking something that will anchor us to ourselves.

Last week in my blog post, I suggested that during stressful times we struggle to find connection to something that anchors us to our own reality.

The "thing" I was referencing was connection.

But what is connection?

In my opinion, connection are links, associations, and relationships that anchor us to an experience, belief, behavior or item. The challenge is that we are so disassociated from what anchors or connects us it becomes and overwhelm task to attempt to decode your true reality.

In my business as an Emotional Wellness Coach I help others remove limiting blocks and establish positive relationships to support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance. And when we are rooted in the connection and relationship with ourselves we become less stress, anxious, frustrated, indecisive or depressed.

So how do we begin to build connection and relationship with ourselves?

You begin with where you are by simply breathing, slowing down, observe, and notice.

Becoming rooted in the present moment is the first step in building the awareness necessary to decode the path.

By doing this you begin to take back the one thing individual's consistently give away: personal power.

It's when we feel that we have no power is when we allow others to take possession of our lives. It's in this feeling of helplessness we recognize we've lost ourselves and we need to find our way.

So the mission is to....

  1. Become aware of your actions and reactions to everything around you.

  2. Journal your findings and include how you feel.

  3. Simply and root in connection to everything that makes you feel good.

  4. Discard everything that is no longer needed.

  5. Keep going. It may seem hard at first but it becomes easier with repetition and ease.

And if you need a reminder of who you are.

Please visit my website and check yourself with one of the personality/behavioral assessments I have posted there and begin to understand who you are.

This is What You're Seeking if You're Stressed.

This is What You're Seeking if You're Stressed.