What Does It Mean To F.L.Y. ?

What Does It Mean To F.L.Y. ?

This post is not about airplanes or flying.

This post is about a topic that is very personal to all of us: love.

Love is a complex, complicated and often times elusive.

It is something all of us are seeking but also something we neglect to give to ourselves.

A few years ago, I attended a yoga workshop seeking insight as to how to niche in my industry. 
I was struggling to focus on a single area because I had found so many benefits of the practice on and off the mat.

But then something happened, I noticed that I was struggling with straight up logic and straight talk around specific phases I commonly heard like, "change your mindset", "think positive thoughts", "dig deep", and "just let go".

Here was the problem. If it was so gosh darn easy to do all of these things then why was I having such a difficult time doing any of it?

Because I didn't understand the connection of any of these phrases and how they connected to my situation.

And this is where my seeking adventure began. I was on an intentional journey to build an authentic and transparent relationship with myself. 

And so I began to learn how to F.L.Y.

Learning how to F.L.Y. made me challenge myself in ways I never had before.
I did things that others found bold or even rude.
I became more intentional in my words, my actions, my behavior, and my thoughts.
It challenged me to explore the emotions I so often stuffed or pushed away.

And I did all of this because I had unloved myself for so long that I broke down my being mentally, emotionally, and physically to the point that I was pre-diagnosed with 4 different types of cancer. I realized during this time that if didn't take care of myself than nobody else was going to.

Now I want to share the aspects of my journey with you.
Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you my journey to dig deep in every area of my life, so I could fully connect, build, accept, and love every ounce of my being.

Learning how to F.L.Y. has been the most amazing journey and the best news is that it never ends.
I love sharing and connecting things in my life with others in the hope of being of service.
So each moth I with share with you books, podcasts, tools, techniques and items that I use in my life.

So here's what I have in my toolkit for January. (affiliate links included)

"The Desire Map Planner", by Danielle Laporte. I found Danielle over 14 years ago and I personally name her my "Queen of Soul". I love this planner because it reminds me to always put myself first by letting me capture my "core desired feelings", identify what is not working, my top 3 priorities and even a space for daily gratitude. 

"Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your LIfe", by Dr. Kelly Flanagan. I've been a long time blog reader and listener of his podcast and he never disappoints. His latest book focuses on addressing the "inner child," most of us often neglect to heal once we become adults. The truth is our stories begin in childhood so in order to change our beliefs we need to understand how our story started so we can institute true change.

Happy New Year and may 2019 be the year you learn to F.L.Y. 

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P.S. I’m hosting my first wellness retreat on March 9th. Check it out here or visit my website.

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