How To F.L.Y With Your Money.

How To F.L.Y With Your Money.

Today we're going to get into the dirty details around your money.

Money seems to be one of those things in life which many of us have a love/hate relationship with.

We either feel as if we have just enough or never enough to get along in life.

So what is your feeling as it relates to money?

Do you love it?

Do you want more of it?

Do struggle with making more?


Are you just ignore it?

Act like there is not a problem?

And are deep in credit card debt or worse?

Regardless of where you are with your money, I'm going to guess that all of us feel less stressful when we have have some we can rely on.

So before I talk about how to F.L.Y. with your money. I'm going to give you a few keyF.L.Y. principles to keep in mind.

  1. You earned it and therefore you get get to decide how to spend it.

  2. Get clarity around how you "feel" about it.

  3. It's simply an exchange of energy which is currency; same as time, food, or exercise.

So if you keep the 3 principles above in mind then you should be clear on the relationship you have with money.

I'm not going to pretend that dealing with money and everything associated with it isn't going to be stress.

I just want you to get real about it so you can build a healthy relationship with it because in the end regardless of the current relationship you have with it now.

If you notice F.L.Y. informs you of the priority you should set for yourself (F=First & Y=You)

Love is something so complex you are the only define what that means for yourself.

So define it.

Define what money means to  you?

Define what you have?

Define how much you need?

Identify how it makes you feel?

Then identify all the things you love about it?

Identify what it enables you to do?

Identify what it enables you to buy?

Identify what it is helping you support in your life right now?

Then pay gratitude for all of it.

And then get real about what you want to change in your relationship with it.

If you hate that you have credit cards debt and hate paying the bill every month.

Then do this.

  1. Acknowledge how you currently feel. Write down the pro's and con's of current situation.

  2. Pay gratitude and thank the credit cards for being available to you so you get and do everything they have enabled you to do.

  3. Create a plan where you F.L.Y. For me it means 

    a) I pay myself first before I pay any bill. 

    b) Then I pay my critical priorities mortgage, food, electricity, water, clothes.

    c) Next I will pay the minimum payment on my credit cards bills. 

    If I have a good amount of money left over I will split the monthly payment by 2 and pay half of the monthly payment each time I get paid.

    If I don't have enough, I acknowledge it and get real about the consequences like a late payment fee, bad credit score or the possibility of collectors calling.

    The point is I know exactly what could happen.

    This will either motivate you to find another means to make additional income or find another way to get out of the debt like debt consolidation.

This topic is a lot more expansive than what I can cover in this post but the point is simple. You First.

And by doing this, I want you to notice if you have a shift in perspective related to your relationship with money.

Since money is often a highly stressful topic, repetition in practice is the key to success.

So are you willing to give it a shot?

Start with something small and reward yourself when you've reached a milestone.

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