What? Wait, We Have Three Brains?

What? Wait, We Have Three Brains?

For years many of us have been schooled about mastering our mental mind to be success. Well would you be surprised to know that on the quest for whole being wellness, we actually have 3 brains to your body to tend too?

Trust me I was just as shocked about this because mastering my mentality is a daily struggle for most of us.

So what are these three brains that are part of our biological make up?

Here's an overview of the three brains of the body; how they operate independently and; how they sync.

It really is mind over matter.

The first brain is the one we're most familiar with,"The Thinking Brain." The brain in which we're told our thoughts influence our outcome, where our intellect and logic are constantly processing information received from the outside world to identify what really matters to us. Consistently at war with our monkey mind, the subconscious, and the ego to determine if what we see is what we think it is.

The heart is where your senses come alive.

The second brain, the brain where our emotions, feelings, memories, and dreams come alive is where we interpret the external signals we sense. Known as,"The Feeling or Emotional Brain," the heart is where we soul stories are made and remembered. It aches, it breaks, it emotes, and it's highly sensitive about how we see the world and how we see ourselves.

The gut is how we interact in the world.

The third brain, "The Intuitive Brain," helps us tune into our internal guidance system and reinforces us to trust our intuition. Often misunderstood because we tend to look at parts of our being as independent operating mechanisms, the information processed in the gut is responsible for controlling bodily functions like the regulation of blood pressure, the production of cortisol, the ability to manage stress and mood management. Eat well, feel well.

So how do they all work together?

It's time we being to look at wellness as a whole-being Eco-system; one which translates the signals from what we see; to what we sense; to what we eat and translates it into something that is meaningful to us. Positive thoughts influence what we sense from our environment and eventually internalize into our soulful being.

The circuitry of our bodies and its ability to communicate signals from 3 brains into a single meaning is no small feat. Our challenge is knowing how to identify the signals we receiving and what they mean to us. Being able to disconnect from the mental mind to interpret the signals from our senses and our gut expands upon the relationship we all have with ourselves.


The signals we receive into each brain is different and often time challenging to translate. So it takes patience, self-regulation, and willingness to identify, learn, understand and accept each of the ways our brains are speaking and communicating with us.

Wellness is the human condition but do we all seek it?

So just like we must retrain our mind, we may have to retrain our heart and our gut too.

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